Any business or commercial enterprise demands the highest level of care, attention and service and that’s exactly what McKenna & Company provides. We want to ensure that your office properties are full to capacity with exactly the kinds of businesses you want to have associated with your brand. In addition, we will ensure that all maintenance is taken care of at a time that does not interfere with the conducting of business and that your tenants never have a legitimate complaint about the safety, cleanliness and quality of the facilities we manage. We will ensure that buildings are always up to code and that individual businesses are not exceeding the operating limits for that property.


Retail establishments in particular demand the highest levels of care because they cater directly and face-to-face to consumers, as well as housing several thousands of dollars – if not hundreds of thousands of dollars – of goods in their locations. The nature of their business also makes moving locations prohibitively expensive and can cost them a significant amount of business. McKenna & Company works hard to place the very best and most reputable retailers in your locations and to provide superior management to keep turnover at a minimum – both for the sake of our clients as well as for the sake of retailers.


Industrial properties require managers that have a vast understanding of numerous laws and codes to be sure that industrial businesses are observing all Federal, State and Local regulations and mandates. McKenna & Company will ensure that all Industrial businesses are operating above board and maintain strict adherence to codes and laws. We will ensure that your properties are well maintained and that all renovations and maintenance is performed by licensed and reputable contractors and firms.


McKenna & Company offers all of the personalized care and service of a boutique firm along with all of the business acumen and resources of a large corporate firm. We are thoroughly qualified to manage all types of properties and are well suited to accommodate clients with even the most diverse of Commercial Real Estate portfolios. From retail to business to industrial properties, McKenna & Company has you covered. We only hire the most well-trained and knowledgeable managers and support staff and we are committed to helping them never stop learning and never stop growing to become the most elite managers and staff on the planet.


Multi-Tenant management requires a specialized skill set due to the number of individuals that need care and attention. In addition to great management skills, Multi-Tenant managers need to have great mediation and leadership skills to get everyone on board and moving in the same direction. Our premier Management Staff will work with renters and tenants, HOA boards and even other community leaders when necessary to make sure that your Multi-Tenant properties are full of satisfied tenants and renters. Prior to move in, McKenna & Company will thoroughly vet your tenants to ensure that they will properly and appropriately care for your property and will intervene on your behalf when necessary.


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