Commercial Property Management

Your real estate assets are more than just addresses on a map; they are both a significant investment and an integral part of your overall plans and visions for the future.

At McKenna & Company, we measure the worth of our Property Management business not by the value of assets under our care, but by the value of our relationships with owners and investors like you.

Here at McKenna & Company, we don’t feel it’s enough to just understand the business of great Property Management. We also want to understand how your property assets fit into the larger picture of your overarching goals and strategies for getting there. We want to understand the full range of your business requirements – from your branding strategies and financial goals to your reporting needs or even your needs for privacy or anonymity so that we can act as the very best representatives on your behalf.

We Are Commercial Property Management Experts

We want to get to know your asset’s distinctive characteristics so that we can help manage and market your asset appropriately. We want to understand how your decision-making process works so that any decisions we make as your representative will be in alignment with that process.

We carefully cultivate our property managers to have a CEO mentality. This includes accepting personal accountability for their performance and that of their subordinates, as well as for decisions made on behalf of clients. We carefully vet and recruit management staff that are fully vested in their work and will take full ownership of the challenges of their managed properties, while sharing their successes with their teams and subordinates.

Focused on driving value in each building, our property managers work to maximize efficiency, minimizing operating costs and protect the value of each asset, while still providing the very best in tenant services. We understand that the costs of tenant turnover can be high, so we want to do our very best to build and establish good relationships with your tenants so that they stay with you through all their ups and downs. Our specialists are fully dedicated to providing premium services geared towards satisfying the sometimes conflicting needs of both tenants and owners.

Commercial Property Management: What Does It Cover?

Our Premiere Commercial Property Management Services Include:

  • Tenant Retention
  • Leasing
  • Lease Compliance and Administrationtion
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Market Research
  • Building Maintenance and Engineering Management
  • Contract and Vendor Management
  • Project and Development Services

“McKenna & Company is the only property management company we know that understands the importance of taking a proactive approach to landscaping on their properties. In the end, their ability to effectively budget for needed upgrades gives McKenna & Company properties the kind of curb appeal that can’t be missed!”

Our professionals understand the urgency of attending to issues immediately and they are trained and encouraged to respond promptly and work quickly to develop and implement innovative solutions. We care for each property as if it were our own while managing it in a way that is in keeping with the values and management style of our clients.

It is this attitude of responsible accountability that has garnered nearly 5 million square feet of space to be entrusted to the care of the Commercial Property Management Team at McKenna & Company.

Industrial Property Management

McKenna & Company are poised to help property owners whose portfolios include a wide range of diverse properties ranging from commercial to industrial to residential. Industrial Property Management requires a very specialized skill set that very few management companies can genuinely offer. While there are many companies that specialize in a certain type of property management, McKenna and Company offers a diverse portfolio of services to meet your every need. Unlike regular commercial real estate, industrial real estate comes with a number of risks that residential and regular commercial real estate does not. Conversely, when managed well, industrial real estate can offer a great number of benefits that commercial real estate just can’t touch.

We Are Industrial Property Management Experts

Because industrial real estate tenants often engage in businesses that require heavy machinery and large amounts of equipment, moving is expensive, which means industrial tenants tend to stay put for many years, cutting down on the expense of tenant turnover. On the other hand, industrial tenants can sometimes attempt to engage in illegal activities or attempt to skirt EPA regulations or other state and local regulations and regulatory agencies. McKenna & Company stays up-to-date on current regulations to ensure that all industrial tenants are in compliance with local, state and federal regulations to protect both your investment and your good name.

Industrial Property Management: What Does It Cover?

Our industrial management and logistics professionals offer innovative and profitable strategies for all of your industrial property needs, including:

  • Site selection
  • Leasing
  • Acquisition
  • Construction Project Management
  • Facility and Property Management

We also offer a wide range of services that benefit both tenants and clients. From helping clients establish a distribution facility to ensuring that industrial tenants are environmentally responsible and that all activities conducted on the premises are above board and legal, our seasoned team excels at providing the answers, recommendations, and insights that help you maximize the return on your investment.


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