Renting to the wrong tenants can be a nightmare, but the costs of leaving your property sitting empty without appropriate tenants can also be prohibitive. At McKenna & Company, we offer a full range of specialized leasing and marketing services that is supported by great advertising, good public relations and advanced research and analysis. Our research and analysis allow us to recommend competitive rental prices based on current market conditions and to recommend any renovations or upgrades to keep your property competitive with surrounding offerings.

We Are Leasing Experts

We pride ourselves in our ability to create a detailed plan geared towards meeting your specific goals and objectives that take into account both the current and projected market conditions. We can design and implement a customized marketing campaign that will get your property noticed by exactly the kind of tenants you want to have. Our careful research and years of experience allows us to tailor our marketing campaigns to specifically target the exact segment of the market that most closely aligns with your overarching goals, plans and objectives.

Our Leasing Services: What Does It Cover?

  • Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Plans
  • Competitive Market Studies
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Thorough Lease Application Process
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Lease Administration
  • Lease Reports
  • Tenant Relations
  • Move-In Inspections
  • Move-out Inspections
  • Maintenance Services

“At McKenna & Company, we combine the dedicated personal service of a boutique firm with the experience and resources of a large corporate firm. ”

Our thorough vetting process also ensures that your property will be well cared for once occupied. All of our lease applicants go through a very thorough application process that ensures the tenants in your property can be trusted to give the appropriate care to your asset and handle their obligations responsibly. Once we have determined that a lease applicant meets all the required provisions, we then submit the application to you or your representative for final approval. We want every one of our owners to have the security of knowing who will be caring their property and of personally approving each and every tenant.

Once your property has been leased, we can also offer you the very best management for your property or portfolio. We will prepare a lease with the landlord’s rights in mind, coordinate move-ins and move-outs and have our staff and managers perform detailed inspections when renters move in or move out to protect both the tenant and the property owner from liability. Once our inspection is complete, we compile a detailed report on the condition of the property and send it to the owner or property investor.

We can also hire qualified and competent contractors on your behalf to make recommended and approved repairs and improvements and we will oversee the process every step of the way. We ensure that all maintenance requests are handled by licensed, qualified companies and vendors, but NEVER without our client’s approval, unless you specifically ask to not be notified of certain types of maintenance or repairs.


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